Join us at this year’s Mindful Drinking Festival in London

When’s it happening?

July 20, 2019

What’s the lowdown?

This will be the sixth festival. Since the first Mindful Drinking Festival in the summer of 2017, the mindful drinking scene has grown substantially and the demand for low and no alcohol drinks is ever increasing.

With that in mind, the festival will showcasing the best tasting adult-orientated drinks brands in the industry, some of which you’ll recognise from previous events and others which are brand new.

Grab some awesome street food, or enjoy the talks, demonstrations, live music and relax with an [award-winning] alcohol-free drink.

Where can I get tickets for Mindful Drinking Festival?

The best place to check is going to be the official Mindful Drinking Festival website. We hope to see you there on July 20, 2019

Where is Mindful Drinking Festival taking place?