To drink. Not to be drunk. | Big Drop Brewing Co

To drink. Not to be drunk.

Believe it or not, our 0.5% beers have won awards against full-strength rivals.

Our aim is to make great beer, it also just so happens to be 0.5% ABV. So whether you’re looking to cut down, cut out or just try something new, Big Drop has crafted something for almost any beer lover.

Our range of award-winning beers.


Serve cold. Instant refreshment from crisp, balanced flavours.

Pale Ale

A best-selling zesty, refreshing, gold award-winning Pale Ale.

Citra IPA

Our very popular (award-winning) limited edition Citra IPA is around to stay.


The lawnmower beer. Tart, citrus aromas and ultra-refreshing on a hot day.

Sunset Gold

A hay-coloured beer with a summer lightness and fresh floral aroma balanced gently with a gentle bitterness.

Brown Ale

A cracking traditional brown ale. Hot pot optional.


The first brew we made. An award-winner that packs a surprising depth.


A roaring fire in a bottle. Warm malts, cinnamon and ginger.