Cor. Shucks! We’re at the Whitstable Oyster Festival.

When’s it happening?

July 27, 2019 — July 29, 2019

What’s the lowdown?

The vibrant, family-friendly festival –  homage to the shellfish for which Whitstable is famous – takes place in the town every summer.

Traditional events include the oyster parade, the landing and blessing of the oysters, the ‘mud tug’ and building ‘grotters’ – small candlelit mounds of oyster shells – on the beach at sunset.

Where can I get tickets for Whitstable Oyster Festival?

The best place to check is going to be the official Whitstable Oyster Festival website. We hope to see you there on July 27, 2019

Where is Whitstable Oyster Festival taking place?