Proud supporters of Backup Tech

Big Drop is proud to be the official supporter of Backup Tech, a charity for technical professionals in the entertainment industry.

Big Drop would never have been born if it wasn’t for music. Yeah you read that right. Our founders, Rob and James, were bandmates together back in the day and have always kept music very close to their hearts. Even our logo was partly inspired by a guitar pick. It is the combination of a passion for music, a desire to do good and a personal connection which has brought Big Drop and Backup together. 

Backup is a charity for the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry. These can be your roadies, sound engineers, stage managers, lighting technicians etc. Essentially, anyone who plays a vital role in the entertainment industry can seek support with Backup. As everyone will be aware, the recent pandemic devastated the entertainment industry and in turn, affected those who devote their lives to it. Fortunately for many of them, Backup was there to help. Some had lost their jobs and therefore had difficulty paying their rent, Backup was there. Others struggled with medical issues and required unique support, Backup was there again. Whereas for others, the pandemic strained their mental health, requiring some support or someone to speak to, and of course, Backup was there. 

Our founders Rob and James lost a close friend, bandmate and proud roadie to cancer in 2017. Backup Tech were there to help him and his family in their time of need. Our ongoing support of Backup Tech is a small way to say a Big thank you. We want to help raise the awareness of Backup so that the people who need it, know that it’s there. Likewise, the Backup trustees recently visited Big Drop HQ to discuss their mission and how Big Drop can help. Now our entire organisation is committed to their cause as well and looking to support their organisation as best we can.

We’re excited to announce that we have not one but two new listings in major UK retailers in April (all will be revealed soon). If your local is one of the lucky ones stocking it, be sure to keep an eye out for the Backup logo on our packaging.

To find out more about Backup and their work, as well as how they may be able to help you. Please visit: 


Photo by Caio Silva on Unsplash