Mission Statement

Here at Big Drop we like to enjoy ourselves and we try not to sweat the small stuff. But there are some things that we are serious about. These are our non-negotiables. Our mission is to make ‘Beer So Good… You Won’t Miss The Alcohol’. We’re serious about our customers having a variety of different alcohol-free beers that suit their preferences and we’re serious about the planet; not just the people who live on it now but also the people who will live here in the future.

We sustainably brew our beers in the UK, Sydney, and Chicago so we don’t have to ship our products around the planet and create an unnecessary carbon footprint. We also seek out partnerships that share our values right across our supply chain to our customer base.

Big Drop is all about choice. We leave it up to you to decide whether you want to drink full strength beer or not. If you are one of a growing number of drinkers that is turning to the alcohol free movement then we have more than enough choice for you.

We’re proud of where we have come from but we want to be progressive and keep pushing the boundaries of making great tasting alcohol free beer. We have a passionate team that believes in what Big Drop stands for too. We think an inclusive, non-toxic workplace is one of the biggest keys to our success. A prerequisite when joining the Big Drop team is to sign our Staff Handbook which outlines our Ethics Policy.

At Big Drop we don’t discriminate based on gender, sexuality, race or anything that makes you, you. We want our team to reflect the communities we serve. Everyone in our team has the opportunity for upward advancement, annual salary reviews and a platform to develop new skills and thrive.

Go On. Go Big.