Love Island Winners 2022: Alcohol Free Drinks

It’s no secret that Love Island isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the decision to feature contestants drinking alcohol-free drinks means it’s definitely trying to move in the right direction. In the latest series, we’ve seen an alcohol-free beer pong (sadly not Big Drop) and on dates, the couples drink ‘no-secco’, an alcohol-free Prosecco. You might think that the idea behind limiting alcohol is to prevent the rows we’ve seen in previous series and the Ofcom complaints that follow them. But actually, there may be more to it than that.

A recent study by KAM uncovered that 1 in every 3 drinks ordered in a pub is non-alcoholic and just under a third (29%) of pub visits are completely dry. Even the show’s target demographic is adopting these lifestyle changes. Young people (aged 16 – 24) are least likely to drink and industry charity, Drink Aware, reports that 26% of that age group are teetotal. It also looks like this is a conscious decision because 65% of people in that age bracket are actively trying to cut down their alcohol intake.

Now, we all know that us Brits like the full-strength stuff now and again. However, it’s refreshing to see that we’ve realised that we don’t need alcohol to have a good time. At the end of the day, it’s about choice. Maybe it’s because brewers like us sensed this was coming and wanted to give the public a range of alcohol-free beers they could enjoy time and time again. So next time you’re in the pub, if you don’t fancy a sore head the next day or maybe you just don’t feel like drinking alcohol, keep an eye out for Big Drop and remember that now, more than ever, you’re not the odd one out.