Leafkicker – Big Drop x Square Mile

We are very excited to introduce to you our brand-new Amber Ale, Leafkicker!

 To brew this very special beer, we’ve collaborated with multi-award-winning coffee roasters, Square Mile. And it turns out that we’ve created the world’s first alcohol-free coffee Amber Ale. Talk about going the extra mile.

This deliciously fresh and surprisingly bright Red Brick and Citra hops amber ale compliments everything this season is all about. Long autumn walks, afternoon meet-ups and warm evenings spent by the fire. Sounds good, right?

 Square Mile’s Red Brick Seasonal Espresso blend is known for its reliability in offering a sweet, slightly fruity, textured and versatile cup.

 This coffee-infused amber ale combines the aromas and colours of autumn. Earthy tones, fresh rain and subtle hints of vanilla alongside mellow Citra hops.

To launch Leafkicker and announce the collaboration, beer expert and author Melissa Cole moderated an informal panel at Prufrock Coffee between our brewer, Johnny Clayton and Square Mile’s head of coffee Tom Flawith. Watch the video below to find out more.

From Felicity Tahtis, Managing Director of Square Mile:

“We were blown away by the parallel values and processes between Big Drop and Square Mile. As a result, the collaboration came together with ease, and the whole journey from the initial conversations to profiling and tastings were rewarding and inspiring. But, of course, the big win is the final product; we’re all delighted with Leafkicker and can’t wait to share it with the world.”

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Photo by Sebastian Völkel on Unsplash