Big Drop Brewing Co.


Everything changes, but brew

Hello, I'm James, co-founder and designer at the Big Drop Brewing Co.

You might have noticed we've made a few little tweaks to the designs of both the website and — more importantly — the Big Drop bottles. 

Why the Big Change?

1. When we started, we didn't know our audience, but now we do*

When Rob approached me with the idea for this, we weren't even sure if there was a big market for low-alcohol beers. We knew they were out there — we knew we both liked a fair bit of what was on offer — but the rapid growth of this area of the drinks industry was beyond us when we first started!

Then we got to know the great folks at Club Soda and they helped open us up to both a great audience, and we got more of a sense of what our range of beers could be.

2. The old designs were nice, but lacked character

Rob and I are both originally from Suffolk. We played in bands together, lived together and spent far too much time in the Spread Eagle in Ipswich together.

Rob moved to London about fifteen years ago to start a law firm and I stayed in Suffolk to focus on business interests I had here. I've worked in marketing regional brands for the last 19 years and seen the best that Suffolk has to offer.

Now, with a growing family, Rob is moving back to Suffolk to grow Big Drop from here.

Suffolk is the perfect place to develop a Food & Drink business and we're both looking forward to discovering what it has to offer.

Rob and I both agreed that making Suffolk part of our brand was a perfect start for the new phase of the business, so we approached local artist Helen Maxfield to illustrate four quintessential Suffolk landscapes to match the colour schemes of our range of beers.

I hope you like the direction the business is taking and we can't wait to share the next stage in our journey with you!

* and what a fantastic bunch you are!

James Kindred