Taking alcohol-free craft beer on the road

When you’ve got an award-winning range of beers to shout about, there’s no point in sitting at home and waiting for someone to come along. Instead, you go out and show everyone just how cool it is; how it breaks the mould and makes a refreshing alternative to the norm.

Well, we happen to think, actually we know, Big Drop Brewing has an awesome range of flavour-packed alcohol-free craft beers. And we’re hitting the road this summer to share the love.

Craft beers, made lovingly with carefully-selected ingredients to produce electrifying flavours, don’t need to be alcoholic. Through our innovative brewing techniques, we show you can produce the punchy flavours consumers crave.

Our award-winning range, stocked across the UK and abroad, includes our Stout, Pale Ale, Citra IPA, Lager, Sour, Brown Ale and Winter.

While some in the traditional beer-drinking fraternity might be sceptical, the best way to bring them around to our new way of thinking is by going out and offering up our beers for them to test.

Thankfully, we work in an industry which puts on many events where fans of everything craft beer congregate to try new products, savour new experiences and pick up on the new trends. So, it’s an open goal for us to go along and showcase our range of alcohol-free beers. We do so not as a disrupter but as an alternative for those people who either don’t like alcohol or would prefer to drink but remain clear-headed to enjoy the important things in life, like leisure or time with friends and family.

Depending on the event and expected audience (some are consumer-oriented, others trade) we either plan to exhibit and attend in person, or we supply stock, so our range is experienced for the first time by new people.

Try out our range of award-winning alcohol-free beers this Summer. Our team will find you the best brew in our range to match your preferred style.

Our forays on the road do not have to be simply drinks-business related. We also attend other festivals, such as musical events, if our beer can offer a refreshing, appealing alternative to the punters.

If you want to catch Big Drop Brewing on the road, here are some upcoming events we’ll be either attending ourselves and exhibiting or supplying stock.

While we love attending events to introduce our beers, we also get huge satisfaction from winning awards, which show we’ve not only identified a significant gap in the market but that we’re plugging it particularly well.
Our Citra IPA recently won the overall Champion’s trophy for ‘Non and Low Alcohol Beer’ at The International Brewing and Cider Awards 2019. This award follows other wins for the Citra IPA, including the Gold medal at the 2019 International Beer Awards

Now you know where we are on the road, perhaps you’d like to come along and meet us or try our products?
And remember, if you like your alcohol-free craft beer much closer to home, you can always pick us up from a growing selection of high street and online retail outlets.