Nordic Brewers help raise the bar for AF beer

Alcohol-free brewer, Big Drop, has teamed up with four leading Nordic breweries to launch a limited-edition range of 0.5% abv collaboration brews. The range is the second in Big Drop’s ‘World Collab Series’, curated with renowned beer expert, Melissa Cole, and a showcase for demonstrating the heights that alcohol-free craft beer has reached. Big Drop […]

Big Drop Spotlight – Pine Trail Pale Ale

We’re kicking off our spotlight series with the one and only: Pine Trail Pale Ale. So, let’s get straight in. What’s so special about our award-winning alcohol-free Pale Ale? Pine Trail is everything you’d want from a west coast American pale ale. A beautiful, almost amber colour, with a heavy resinous aroma to complement the […]

Happy Birthday To Us! Welcome to the Drop of the Pops!

Happy Birthday To Us! Welcome to the Drop of the Pops! That’s right! We’re four today! Happy Birthday to us! So we’re throwing a party and guess who’s coming? That’s right: Diageo! In a happy confluence of the stars Diageo is releasing Guinness 0.0 and apparently they’ve been working on the recipe for 4 years […]

We’re looking for a Supply Chain / Logistics Administrator

We at Big Drop Brewing are seeking a bright, passionate, meticulous, hardworking individual to assist with our daily supply chain requirements, ensuring we are able to continue to grow Big Drop globally. In return we can offer an exciting, fast-moving, varied work environment with great opportunities to develop within an expansive segment of the Craft […]

Big Drop Thoughts: How are our beers gluten-free?

The gluten-free question pops up in our inboxes a lot – and for a very good reason! Beer is traditionally made using water, hops, yeast and barley – a grain that contains gluten. People with gluten intolerances including coeliac disease should avoid gluten, as it can damage your small intestine’s lining and prevent it from […]

AF beer goes indulgent as dark nights draw in

Alcohol-free brewer – Big Drop – has launched its Winter Specials with a pair of decadent beers to entice craft fans and demonstrate the extent to which AF beers have advanced. ‘Firesider’ and ‘Kinzig’ both weigh in at 0.5% abv and are available in 440ml cans but for a limited time only, while stocks last. […]

Winter Series – Available Now!

We’re going BIG for the festive season and cheers-ing it in with some beery goodness! These cold winter evenings have just got a whole lot cosier with Kinzig and Firesider. Treat yourself and your loved ones to our seasonal delights. But be QUICK, stock is limited. Shop the Winter Series now. Kinzig This pours like […]

Pre-register for our Winter Series launch

As Jon Snow once said, Winter is coming (though we’re not sure which edition of Channel 4 news he said it on). You may remember way back in June this year we launched the Summer Series, a pair of incredibly popular special edition alcohol-free beers. Now the nights are drawing in and there’s a chill […]

Go Sober or Soberish for October 2020

Big Drop Go Sober for October 2020

Sober October is an opportunity for those who are sober curious or simply up for a challenge to cut back on booze. Every year people reduce their alcohol intake to raise money for charities, most notably in the UK, for Macmillan Cancer Support. 2020 has been a ride, to say the least, so the folks […]