Big Drop Brewing Co.



Big Drop Brewing Co. is dedicated exclusively to making the finest <0.5% ABV beer.

April 2016

Founder, Rob Fink, identifies a lack of choice in low/no alcohol beers

Further research reveals a gap in the market for a craft brewery dedicated solely to production of great quality, full-flavoured low alcohol beer.

August 2016

Rob Fink and design supremo, James Kindred, establish Big Drop Brewing Co.

September 2016

Johnny Clayton, former brewer at Wild Beer and one of the finest experimental brewers in the business embraces the Big Drop challenge

November 2016

A Chocolate Stout is released to rave reviews

March 2017

A Citrus Pale Ale is the hit follow up to the stout

August 2017

Following intensive testing, two more beers, a Golden Lager and Spiced Ale are released