Not just ‘low & no’. Life’s all about Big & Yes!

We’re on a mission to make alcohol-free craft beers that taste incredible. Beers that are big on flavour and personality, but never more than 0.5% ABV.

Go On. Go Big. A group of friends from the NHS visit the Big Drop tent to take part in Musical Bingo and a silent disco at Bigfoot Festival (18th-20th June 2021). Lovely Time!

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What’s the big deal about Big Drop?

Brewed Naturally

We naturally brew our beers to 0.5%. No jiggery pokery, no messing around, no alcohol extraction, no halted fermentation. Just naturally brewed, award-winning and alcohol-free.

Brewed Locally

Why ship beer all over the world? It's not great for the beer or the environment. Instead, we brew with carefully selected brewing partners, so our beer is as fresh as possible and without the nasty taste of an unnecessary carbon footprint.

Brewed to be the Best

When we started in 2016, there we no beer awards for AF. So, we entered the full-strength categories and won those instead. To this day our focus is making great beer ... that just happens to be alcohol-free.
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Leafkicker – Big Drop x Square Mile

We are very excited to introduce to you our brand-new Amber Ale, Leafkicker!  To brew this very special beer, we’ve collaborated with multi-award-winning coffee roasters, Square […]